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jake brewing beer

Coming from German origins, our family goes back to the country where beer was invented in the first place. We are passionate about brewing the beer that we want and teaching other homebrewers what they need to know in order to get great results out of their efforts!

Here at Lake Superior, we have been brewing and experimenting since the 1960s, starting with my grandfather Andreas who brought his knowledge of brewing to the new world when he moved here with his wife from Bavaria. Yep! We still have the lederhosen to prove it!

But time has passed and we are now in a modern world, where we no longer have to do things in person and no longer sell our seasonal beers. This is why we decided to make a website where we talk about home brewing and everything surrounding this topic. We also like good wine, mind you. On here, you can find our tips, tricks, reviews, and top lists of tools that you need.

Homebrewing has never been as popular as it is today and we are proud to serve all of you with our experience, giving our readers the passion of our grandfather that has been passed down to us.

– Jake

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